"I would like to say that the fence is beautiful, resilient and tailor-made to our needs.  It will last a lifetime and will not need to be replaced in a few years like other fences.  It also provides a beautiful backdrop for planting.  Dominic provides a very warm and friendly service. He has an eye for detail and listens to the customers requirements.  He works very efficiently and with great consideration to the garden."


Karl and Bridget Allen , Suffolk

"Surely ‘Tuffedge’ must be the best in its class, made from 3mm x 100mm steel hammered in to position on pre-affixed steel stakes and then welded in situ to form one continuous length. Yet surprisingly you have been able to supply and install it at modest cost and the execution of the installation caused next to no disruption and was completed very swiftly.


Mowing the lawn is now a very satisfying experience as clean neat edges are instantly revealed and for edges not to crumble when gardening around the borders is also very gratifying. Also we have noticed that plants that have creeping roots such as bamboo that throw up their shoots on the lawn have been halted in their tracks by ‘Tuffedge’.


Needless to say we are delighted with the product and service provided and we would have no hesitation in recommending your company and the excellent ‘Tuffedge’ product to others."


Anthony & Claire Roberts, Teddington

"Dominic made our turf seat in less than two days last winter and it has completely transformed a formerly dull area of our garden. The woven steelwork weathered very quickly and after only a few weeks the whole structure had a lovely aged look.


For us the appeal of this wonderful and unusual structure is that it manages to look quite medieval but also contemporary at the same time. We look forward to spending long summer evenings on it drinking wine with friends."


Neil & Mossy Walmsley, Suffolk

"We are so delighted with the tree seat installed in our recently planted arboretum - it sets off the trees perfectly.  It is also a wonderful focal point and a very restful place to sit and admire the garden from."


Mr & Mrs Nicholls, Suffolk

"We are absolutely delighted with the Tuff metal edging created and fitted by Dominic at Metallurgi in late March 2012. The original wood edging had rotted and the garden was spilling out onto the path.

We considered a low brick wall to replace the wood but it was going to be prohibitively expensive and, frankly, rather dull. We researched the options and came across Metallurgi -  a concept offering us something a little different.


The rust effect flush metal edging looks fantastic next to the grass - it's entirely robust and it was 30% of the brick wall estimate. Result!"


Lucy Morrice, Cambridge.



"You came and measured, then quoted quickly and before I could chase you, you arrived fully armed ready to fit the drive edging that we had agreed on. Two days later it was fitted and now I have edging that people still drive on because they know no better and you would never know!"


Paddy Lawrence, Suffolk



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